De Lisle Partners LLP
3 Firs Lane
BH14 8JG

Tel: 020 7074 3572

LIPPER Fund Awards 2014 Winner UK. Money Observer Fund Awards 2014.

How We Work

Minimise volatility

Long-term return of an asset class inversely correlates with its volatility.

Small-cap value is the best asset class and therefore the most volatile. So when this is the class of choice, such as now, we hold around 100 stocks.

Beat a benchmark

We use the S&P500, as everyone else does, and also watch the Russell2000 and S&P600 which are closest to our choice of asset class. 

The De Lisle Fund has beaten the S&P500 in nine out of twelve years since launch. Our longer term fund has beaten the S&P500 in seventeen of its twenty-one years. The mean annual outperformance is 4%. We understand both records are unequalled by US money managers operating outside the US.

Try to be calm

Every box we tick before investing gives us an edge. For instance, the expected return when a CEO buys in an up-trend is defined (Seyhun), and better than any other type of insider buy.  However, our most important filter is to feel some empathy with the business so we don't get shaken out by adverse news.





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