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LIPPER Fund Awards 2014 Winner UK. Money Observer Fund Awards 2014.

How We Work

It's got to be US equities

Equity markets are the best long-term asset class. Amongst these markets, the US is the best performing major market from 1900 (Elroy, Dimson and Marsh), as well as being the deepest and most complicated, with the best freely available financial information.

It tends to be small

Smaller capitalisations beat larger ones for long-term performance (Fama, French). 

It tends to be value

Value beats growth (O'Shaughnessy). 

We can't, however, just sit in the smallest US value shares and wait, because these long-term statistics summarise some surprisingly long cycles. 

We therefore flexibly go with the current paradigm, bearing in mind where we would always rather be.


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