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LIPPER Fund Awards 2014 Winner UK. Money Observer Fund Awards 2014.

About the Funds

Since 1996, Richard de Lisle has run a long-only dollar-based scholarship fund for Emmanuel College, Cambridge University. The Emmanuel College Endowment Fund has consistently outperformed the more volatile S&P500. The De Lisle Fund was created on the back of this performance, with a similar portfolio structure.

In July 2005 De Lisle Partners LLP was formed to provide fund management services to the De Lisle Fund, a hedge fund based in the Cayman Islands and quoted on the Irish Stock Exchange.

In March 2010, the directors of the De Lisle Fund brought the fund back to the UK, converting it to a UCITS III fund on August 1st 2010. The fund is now called the VT De Lisle America Fund. VT refers to Valu-Trac who administer the fund.

The object of the fund is to provide better investment returns than the S&P500.


VT De Lisle America Fund

The VT De Lisle America Fund is available to the public as a UCITS III, open to to any investments over £100, as well as SIPPs, ISAs and JISAs.

Emmanuel College Endowment Fund

The Emmanuel College Endowment Fund is a private investment fund for Emmanuel College, Cambridge University.


We have the option of opening another segregated fund for large investors.

Both funds are invested in US equities. They are mainly holding US smaller companies, as these have a record of long-term outperformance, and so are where we would naturally gravitate.

We were last in large caps during the 1980s and 1990s, in the run up to the 2000 top.

We focus on US stocks, as Richard de Lisle has over 45 years of experience in the US, and it is the best performing major stock market in the world over the long term.

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