About De Lisle Partners

De Lisle Partners LLP is a privately owned investment management firm formed in July 2005 and specialises in US equity investments.

Founder Richard de Lisle has over 40 years of experience in the US equity market. Richard is lead manager of the private Emmanuel College Endowment Fund and the VT De Lisle America Fund which is open to the public.

Both funds are invested in US equities with a mid- and smaller-cap bias as these have a record of long-term outperformance.

  • Outperformed

    the wider US equity market and peers since inception

  • 17.05% per annum

    annualised return since its launch in August 2010*

  • £1 > £5.66

    every £1 invested in August 2010 is now worth £5.66*

*As at 31 August 2021

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