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The daily NAV for the VT De Lisle America Fund can be found on The sterling and dollar classes are synonymous as no currency hedging is used. For instance, if the exchange rate reverted to levels of August 2010 when the UCITS III started, at $1.56, the prices of the two classes would be the same. Annual performance data from inception in July 2005 to August 2010 can be found from our monthly newsletters below.




We believe that equities are the best long-term asset class, and the US remains the deepest, best performing major market in the long-term.

Our objective is to invest in a range of stocks that Wall Street either misses or ignores and to provide better investment returns than the S&P 500.

We invest in US small-cap value which is the best long-term asset class in the world (Fama, French). This makes our portfolio of 90-130 stocks a good complement to existing US equity exposure.

Once we have identified a promising stock we stick with it. We take pleasure in watching small dynamic companies grow and evolve and become more widely owned. A significant number of stocks have been in our portfolio for a decade or more.




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