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We believe that equity markets are the best long-term asset class – with the US remaining the deepest, best performing major market. Our objective is to invest in a range of stocks that Wall Street either misses or ignores.

VT De Lisle America Fund

US Equity Focused   I  Seeks Long-Term Capital Growth  I  Forensic Analysis

Managed by Richard de Lisle, founder and managing partner at De Lisle Partners; the object of the fund is to provide better investment returns than the S&P500.

Key Points:

  • Consists of 92 high conviction stocks
  • The Fund is currently positioned in Small-Cap (33%) and Micro-Cap (58%) stocks, providing access to an under-researched area of the US equity market
  • A good complement to existing US equity exposure. Differentiated portfolio with low historic correlation to the sector
  • Low historic correlation vs US equity fund peers (average 0.65)

Emmanuel College Endowment Fund

The Emmanuel College Endowment Fund is a private investment fund for Emmanuel College, Cambridge University which Richard De Lisle has managed since 1996.

Both the VT De Lisle America Fund and Emmanuel College Endowment Fund share the same investment philosophy and are invested in US equities with a small- and mid- cap bias.

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