The Team


  • Lead manager has 40+ years’ experience investing in the US. Has first-hand experience of numerous market cycles, including the move from value to growth – and back again
  • Started career at Merrill Lynch in 1979
  • Manager of the Emmanuel College Endowment Fund since 1996
  • Co-founded De Lisle Partners in 2005
  • Lead Portfolio Manager of the VT De Lisle America Fund

Sarah de Lisle

  • Co-founded De Lisle Partners in 2005
  • Works alongside Richard de Lisle on daily basis
  • Previously an analyst at Othon, a privately held US fund
  • Provides compliance and oversight function at De Lisle Partners

Stephen Knowles

  • Stephen is the Chief Operating Officer, overseeing operational support
  • Joined De Lisle Partners in 2010
  • Qualified accountant


In order to focus on the core duty of investment management, De Lisle Partners use service providers for the following functions:

  • ACD/Administrator: Valu-Trac
  • Distributor: Canderwick Capital

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