We take our stewardship very seriously by ensuring that there are no conflicts of interest either within our partnership or within our holdings. We also check that the companies in which we invest are run independently and in the best interests of stockholders.

Conflicts of Interest

De Lisle Partners has removed all potential conflicts of interest by its insistence that no partners or employees have any monetary interest in US securities outside of the VT De Lisle America Fund.

Monitoring of companies in the portfolio

The fund manager, CFO and ESG officers continually monitor the activities, financial statements, and press releases of companies in the funds’ portfolios. They also study independent research and would engage with the company’s management should a troubling issue arise or clarity is needed. More information on our ESG policy and the way we assess potential investments can be found here.

Protecting shareholder value

Where De Lisle Partners feels that management action threatens to diminish shareholder value we will sell our stake in the company.

If we suspect that a company is not acting in the shareholders’ interest, for instance, their shareholdings are being unduly diluted, we will sell that investment.

Voting Policy

Our voting policy reflects the duty of De Lisle Partners to act in the best interests of our clients.

We constantly monitor all the companies in our funds and have advance notice of forthcoming Annual General Meetings through our account with ProxyEdge. This platform also gives us access to third-party research reports and vote recommendations from industry experts.

We exercise our right to vote at AGMs and other meetings.

A quarterly summary of our interactions with the management teams of investee companies and our voting activity is available on request.

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