What Investment: Biden’s first 100 days bode well for the market

26 April 2021

Biden’s first 100 days have consequences already for the stockmarket. Richard de Lisle of the VT De Lisle America Fund reflects on the early stages of the new President’s tenure.

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Portfolio Adviser: Coronavirus weekly round-up

16 April 2021

Richard de Lisle comments on markets over the past week in Portfolio Adviser’s weekly round-up.

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The North America managers who have outperformed Warren Buffett

4 January 2017

Over the past year, one fund has stuck out: the VT De Lisle America fund. The £29.9m fund was the only fund in the Investment Association universe to outperform Berkshire Hathaway over 12 months.

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10 high-flying funds you’ve probably never heard of

16 November 2016

The £24 million VT de Lisle America fund has delivered an astonishing 160% over the past five years, yet as its size shows, has largely gone under the radar. Managed by Richard de Lisle, the fund has a focus on smaller US companies, and has enjoyed a strong boost in recent days after Donald Trump’s shock victory in the US presidential election.

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Top US fund manager fires warning over US economy

7 March 2014

Its record is remarkable … the fund rose by some 43% in 2013, the best performance since its inception in 2005. Only once since has it failed to beat the S&P 500 index.

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